Change Makers

A Change Maker is an individual who uses their skills, expertise, and passion to make a positive difference in their communities. They are doers, turning innovative ideas into reality. They can come from any background or region and share a common goal: to drive meaningful change in urban environments.

Key Attributes of a Change Maker:

  1. Passionate: They are deeply interested in urban transformation and sustainable development.

  2. Systems thinkers: They have a holistic understanding of urban environments. 

  3. Innovative: They think outside the box to find replicable and scalable solutions to urban challenges.

  4. Motivated: They continually learn and improve their knowledge and skills to better contribute to their cause and are eager to utilise learning resources such as online short courses and webinars or pursue further studies.

  5. Adaptive: They are comfortable working in dynamic environments such as in living lab partner cities.

  6. Shared vision: They work towards building a shared vision with other stakeholders to guide their actions and decisions.

  7. Community-oriented: They are strongly connected to their communities and actively participate in understanding and meeting stakeholder needs, allowing them to create solutions that address real-world issues.

  8. Impactful: They strive to make a tangible difference in their communities, measuring success by effort and the positive changes they help bring about.

Want to become a Change Maker?

Webinar: Introduction to Change Makers

Coming soon on NUA Campus: Stay Tuned

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