In observance of International E-Waste Day on 14th October 2020, the Urban Pathways project together with the Urban Electric Mobility Initiative organised the Webinar:

Lithium-ion EV battery: e-waste, electric mobility and energy nexus

During the webinar four factsheets on lithium-ion batteries identifying synergies between e-waste, electric mobility and energy will be presented. The factsheets cover the four segments of the end-of-life management of electric vehicle batteries: initial battery design, re-purposing in energy storage systems, refurbishing, and recycling. This workshop will be the opportunity to launch the papers and discuss this critical topic. UN-Habitat and UEMI will briefly present the content of the factsheets; stakeholders will then present their activities in the four segments of batteries end-of-life management, finally giving participants the opportunity to exchange, ask questions and give feedback on their experience on the ground.


Francesca Calisesi (Moderator)

Associate Officer, Solid Waste Management, Urban Basic Services Section at UN-Habitat

Oliver Lah

Coordinator at UEMI

Adriana Marchiori Silva

Research fellow at UEMI

Emilie Martin

Research fellow at UEMI

Juan Carriquiry

Professor & researcher at the Faculty of Engineering of Uruguay / research fellow at UEMI

Rasmus Bergstrom

Executive Director Stena Recycling Group / Managing Director, Batteryloop

Virginia Turner Taborda

Head of Business, Betteries AMPS GmbH

Eng. Marcelo Fossati

Process Engineer at WERBA S.A.