City Overview

The City of Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, and is home to approximately 7.7 million residents and is the second most populated city in the country (around 8% of the total population of Vietnam). It features an urban area roughly 320 sq. km in size. The city is also the cultural, commercial and educational centre of Northern Vietnam. Its economy is primarily based on tertiary sector industries, and has robustly grown in the last years (7.6% growth in 2018; 21.6% export growth in 2018) (Voice of Vietnam, 2019). The Hanoi Capital Region (or the Hanoi Metropolitan Area) is composed of the City of Hanoi and its adjacent municipalities, and is home to 16.1 million inhabitants (24 thousand
It is estimated that 11.5 million trips are conducted each day in the city. Public transport is only estimated to account for 10% of the trips as passenger transport demand is met primarily by private motorized two-wheelers (Ahn, 2019). This mode share has essentially stayed at 10% since 2010 (Molt, 2010 as quoted in Allaire, 2012).

The demonstration project will focus on boosting the ridership and effectiveness of the currently running BRT and the forthcoming metro rail. The project will be a win-win for both public transport and e mobility. A technical support team will design and develop vehicles that are tailored for the local context and operated under the oversight of the local public transport operator and the city of Hanoi.

Smart services, fleet bundling, E-scooter GPS positioning that support eco-routing will also be part of the project (SOL+ MaaS App). The demonstration project will have a high potential to not only make emobility attractive but also reduce the GHG emissions from transport and increase the share of public transport use. The demonstration will be conducted in phases. For the first phase, there will be a trail with 50 shared e-scooter to test the sharing system to facilitate the traveling from BRT stop to a shopping mall and vice versa. There will be periodically assessment on the system to see what is good, what needs to be improved for the better pilot. After that the sharing system will be replicated to other locations in the city, probably connecting the Metro terminal with residential areas.
Vehicles Involved in the project

Trends and Drivers